HOW TO: Find the ulimit value picked up by a running Informatica process on AIX platform

There are multiple ways to find the ulimit value picked up by a process on AIX platform.

  1. For Informatica processes with java and non java executable, (For example pmserver, pmrepagent)
    • Find the process id
    • Attach to process to dbx
      • dbx -a PID
    • Collect the limit information
      • proc rlimit > proc_limit.out
    • Detach process from dbx
      • detach
  2. If the Informatica process is a java process then you can generate a javacore of the process which contains the ulimit details as well. The following KB can be followed to get the ulimit information of the java process. (HOW TO: Conclusively determine user limits (ulimit) set on an AIX Java process like an Informatica node process in PowerCenter (156083))
  3. Also a command task can be used to run the command “ulimit -a”. This gives information about the ulimit values picked by the Informatica processes.